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anilos calliste

anilos calliste milfs hot mature women classy mature ladies nubiles

anilos calliste milfs hot mature women classy mature ladies nubiles

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04:00 AM, 2017-01-04 .. 0 comments .. Link - Girls Do It Better - Girls Do It Better

featuring Cadence Lux and Gia Paige.

Added On:

Jan 4, 2017


Gia Paige is enjoying a sensual afternoon laying in her girlfriend Cadence Lux's lap as the two girls employ soft touches and careful caresses to warm each other up. As their strokes become naughtier, slipping beneath bras and tantalizing each other's pussies above their underwear, those slow touches grow more urgent. By the time both girls have started relieving one another of their scant clothing and have moved on to more purposeful lovemaking, there's no question that they are both in for a wonderful time.

Gia gets the first taste of her lover's secret places as she presses Cadence onto her back and then dives in to the blonde's landing strip pussy. Her soft tongue is just what Cadence needs to start really getting off, and things just get better when Gia starts working her hands in on the action. It's not long before Gia's tender ministrations begin to have the desired effect of bringing Cadence right to the brink of a mind-blowing climax and then n pushing her over the edge.

Getting creative when it's her turn to work on Gia, Cadence slides to the floor and then urges Gia to move into a face-down position that leaves her pussy open for business. Gia's bare twat is creamy wet with excitement when Cadence starts licking, and this hot position just makes things even hotter! The blonde's work is already half-done as she feasts on Gia's dripping snatch.

Not to be outdone, Gia takes advantage of her position to put her hands back to work on Cadence's puss. Her caresses are occasionally derailed by the jolts of excitement that Cadence is eliciting, but this pseudo-69 is definitely a pleasurable experience for both lovely coeds. Things only get better when Gia finally finds a way to lean forward so that she can turn their interlude into a true 69 with both girls ravenously eating each other out.

Changing things up, Gia puts herself back in charge by urging Cadence onto her hands and knees. That puts Cadence's tight asshole at the perfect level for Gia to tease it with her tongue while using her palm to work the blonde's greedy puss. When her mouth finally moves lower to the heart of Cadence's pleasure, the blonde can't control her loud gasps of need.

Gia knows just what to do to bring her girlfriend off once again, even dropping onto her back so that Cadence can ride her sweet mouth to completion. It's just icing on top that this position leaves Cadence able to lean forward to rub Gia's pussy. Those mind-blowing touches are just what Gia needs for one final body shaking climax as well, the perfect ending to a sweet interlude together.


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